At Xiatech, we can provide most elements of your company's technology requirements.  Whether you need technology advisory services, software selection assistance, or have a specific technology project that needs delivering, we have the people and skills for the job.  Our team have experience in all areas of the technology life-cycle so can provide part or all of the solution that you are looking for.


Business transformation programmes
Single Data View platform


Xiatech have developed a subscription based platform that allows our clients to obtain a real-time consolidated view of their data, in particular customer information, product data, orders, inventory and many others.  In fact our model is scalable and flexible to allow for any information, be it structured or unstructured. This empowers our clients with the following:

  • Real-time system integration

  • Reporting, dashboards and Business Intelligence

  • Insight, analytics and segmentation

  • Personalisation of key customer touchpoints such as eCommerce & emails

The underlying technology is based on Big Data technologies and is plug and play into your data sources through our MicroService framework.

To understand more, view our Single Data View information here.

eCommerce Digital strategy
Omni Channel eCommerce & mCommerce


Xiatech are experts in omni-channel eCommerce.  Whether you require a digital strategy for embarking on your intial journey into eCommerce or wish to exploit your existing eCommerce platform, we can help.  We bring real world experience of eCommerce and mCommerce implementations and know what it takes to bring success.

We provide eCommerce strategy and advice.  Our consultants can help with your target Operating model and team structure, software requirements and selection, business and IT design and a full eCommerce project delivery and implementation service.  
Using our tried and tested Xiatech eCommerce framework we will deliver a roadmap for your eCommerce strategy to help take you through the lifecycle of eCommerce maturity.  With our wide knowledge of the market can also help you select and implement a new eCommerce platform.

Business transformation programmes
Business Transformation Programmes


Our delivery services include the mobilisation, running and governing of IT programmes.  Our team offer all of the following services:


  • Programme management and Project Delivery

  • Software Selection

  • Solution Architecture

  • Software Development capability

  • Business Analysis

  • Project Management Office (PMO)

  • Testing & QA

  • Communications

  • Business Change

Business transformation programmes
Software engineering & development


We have many years of developing software for our clients and supporting the system once they are live.  We typically follow the latest methodologies and truly believe in the ability to deliver and release frequent software updates using an Agile process.
This DevOps approach of continuous integration and continuous deployment has allowed us to successfully deliver business critical software to many clients.

We have technicians skilled in multiple development languages and our software engineers ​and based both in the UK and offshore. 

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IT Strategy
IT Strategy and Technology Advisory Services


We start with learning about your business, your concerns and your issues.  We look to understand your business goals and how you might be constrained by your processes and technology.  Working with you and your colleagues, we will take you through a discovery phase where we really uncover what systems you have, what part they play within the organisation and how they might prevent you from running an efficient operation.
Building up a picture of your system inventory, we then map the objectives of your Business to the technology goals , and create a strategy and roadmap for your organisation.  The roadmap will look to lay out a series of initiatives that might be a simple set of technology projects or a larger programme of technology enabled business change.  

IT Architecture
IT Architecture 


Closely related to our IT Strategy work, we approach IT architecture for the Enterprise on four main fronts:

  • Business architecture

  • Application architecture

  • Information architecture (data, integration and reporting)

  • Technology architecture (infrastructure, networking, security, operations)

IT Architecture is often referred to as 'city planning', and we will work with you to establish the blueprints and foundations on which your IT organisation, strategy and roadmap will be established.

Anything else
Anything else...


We don't just stop at the above services.  Other services include advice on:

  • ERP selection, design and implementation

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Single Customer View & Single Data View of Inventory, Product, Orders etc

  • Business Intelligence

  • IT Operating Model design

  • IT Procurement

  • App Development

  • Big Data

  • Cloud and hardware hosting

  • Programme Assurance

  • IT capability assessment

  • Due Diligence