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Xiatech Consulting were established in 2003 to help make technology simple for our clients. We are a niche consultancy with a global reach providing technical advisory and programme delivery services to anyone; from blue chip brands to small companies looking to drive change:       

We work across multiple industries.  If you do business, we can help you.  We have made IT strategy and technology enabled business change our core service proposition.  We specialise in the strategy and delivery of eCommerce, mobile, CRM, Line of Business Applications & Software, Business Intelligence, Big Data, ERP and Cloud solutions and provide Programme Assurance and Due Diligence services in just about any situation:

First we get to know you.  Then we understand your issues, your pain points and your strengths.  Then we will work collaboratively to find the right solution.  Xiatech provide experienced consultants who have been CIOs, CTOs, Programme Managers and Programmers so they know how things work and how to deliver the right answer, not a text book.